14. I Promise to Return

Have you ever felt that a part of you belongs to an ocean, a mountain, a river…that you are that place, and her spirit lives in you wherever you go…that you are made of that essence as you travel the world bridging the love of one far distant mountain to another, or of rivers seeking out the ocean? This Equinox, I was blessed to host a Peruvian Despacho in my home, with Sally Moon leading this earth-honoring, life-giving ceremony of renewal and balance. In honor of this time of planting seeds of love into spring’s softening earth, I didn’t send out a new blog. But instead, I ask this question, which came from beautiful comments by Alorah and others, in my most recent post, I Promise to Return. I share it again with you, looking forward to your experiences. Blessings of Spring and new life!

Michelle Adam


Blog 14: November 13-19, 1996—I made a promise to these wide-open lands of New Mexico that I would return to them if I took off to California for a short visit. After all, I didn’t want to get into another car accident as I had done when I had tried to leave this state during my first weeks in Albuquerque.

So, with caution, I bid my new Santa Fe home a temporary farewell, and flew out to Los Angeles. My plan was to visit the City of Angels and then to travel up to San Francisco, my planned destination home prior to staying for an extended time in New Mexico on my cross country trip from the East Coast in September. I needed to find out what was there in California, and get it out of my system, if nothing else.

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3 thoughts on “14. I Promise to Return

  1. I have been finding that my home is in my soul. My place is in my soul. The things I need at all times are accessible from my large backpack. The people I love to talk to and connect with are always around wherever I go, either through modern communication means, or just being around who ever is within vicinity. The spiritual avenues I need, material I needs are also just as accessible and ready wherever I am at. Part of my being has been left behind in Montréal with Mont Royal, and with the people I met there. I had several magical experiences there, and I would love to return there for brief visits, but it is not a place I would call a pernament home. My time in Montréal makes me look forward to checking out Paris, other parts of France… although I hope I do not have to go through so much effort and planning to get some fresh baked croissants there!!

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  2. Peter, I imagine your journeys are only beginning and that your soul’s footprints will leave their beauty mark wherever they go. I can’t imagine you not loving Paris and France…and finding a croissant easily there.

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