On the Road with Sacred Song

July 17, 2016: Here I am, on the Road, in Washington State, with my novel, Child of Duende: A Journey of the Spirit. I’ve taken a break from my regular blog (hard to do from the roaIMG_0182d) and instead, am sharing a few moments of my travels and experience in Washington.
I came here because beautiful, amazing people invited me to offer ceremony and teachings I’ve called a Journey of Story, Sound, and Healing. In Sequim, Washington, I shared my personal story with “duende”, this spirit of the earth that has been a true awakening for me, and also journeyed into the earth and shared in collective sound. In doing so, I’m amazed, and often am, at how, in tuning in, I am guided to create a space in which we can all teach each other, through our hearts and presence, how to come home, one inch closer each time, to ourselves.

My next stop has been Port Townsend, Washington, and more specifically the home of two beautiful souls, Jamie and Doug. I led ceremony in their yurt, which sits looking out over the ocean. Here, just sitting on the land and in the yurt offered such healing and stillness, that little was needed to feel at home.


Eagle stretching its wings on a branch, Washington State

Yet, once people arrived and we shared in an intimate ceremony, something magical happened. As one person said, “All the elements were here.” Our voices and love created a blessed offering for the holy.

We watched the sun set after ceremony and then shared our concerns, reflections on life. Here we were, in Washington State, where the whales are disappearing. Climate change has forced the salmon to go elsewhere and now the whales, who feed off of the salmon, are leaving as well. Meanwhile, the navy is doing tests on the water that impacts the remaining whales. One woman of the group (she bikes a large container of fish to farmer’s markets here… doesn’t want to go by car…wants to live simply and do the work it takes to live right) talked about this, and struggled with what to fight for to protect the earth and our relationship to her (so many things she wants to do). We asked ourselves, what is it we need to do to be in right relationship with the earth at this time? How can our actions, even that of coming together and singing to the earth, and remembering who we are–outside of the human drama–impact where we are as humans?

IMG_0167Tomorrow, I will share songs with Jamie’s drumming group, and tell a bit about my writing, and Child of Duende. But, I ask myself, as I meet such true earth-honoring people on my path, how does my work, my novel, my writing, my ceremonies and teachings make a difference for the earth and its many inhabitants? I can’t fully know the answer, but what I sense, as I travel, is that maybe, just maybe in speaking about “duende,” the spirit of the earth that we carry inside ourselves, and in helping awaken this spirit, we can all feel what it is we have been doing to ourselves and the earth, and begin to dream a new dream, a new possibility, of who we can be as humans on this beautiful, magical earth. And, as I meet others and form sacred circles with them, I am also learning from them how to be more authentically that which spirit is guiding me to be.

33. A Confession to Make


Blog 33: Dec. 1997-April 1998—I have a confession to make: when I was in college and my roommate told me that she had been raped during a drunken night in which I was in the same room with her, passed out, I didn’t react. I didn’t feel. I didn’t show compassion. I was numb. I couldn’t feel. I stay removed from the world, separate, untouched.

           Now, in pain, debilitated, with body broken, in a house of lost people in Berkeley, California, I feel. I feel it all. And while it hurts, there’s something liberating in knowing I can feel every bit of the pain and love that’s possible in this world.  It’s as if this brokenness allows me to feel the world again—to feel it all.

           For so much of my life, my heart has been closed in protection. My fear of being hurt, rejected, of being unworthy and unloved cloaked my heart with heavy armor. It was a way I had learned to be, to survive, and yet here I am in California, with nothing left but myself and my heart.

            I watch the world walk by, so many afraid of not surviving, of not making it, of not having things just as they need them, of losing their cloaks, their armor, that have protected them for so long from. They become cold, hardened, and forget to love the stranger that comes to them, crying, in need of compassion, because they are afraid to lose their way, their habit-forming rituals that define them and provide the illusion that they are okay.snowheart-682440

            I feel now, and I am grateful. Yet, I ask for forgiveness for so many times in which I offered a cold heart to another, in which I caused pain to another in my frigidness. And I feel compassion for others for their cold hearts toward me. For, I know they have learned, as I have, to be afraid to feel. From one generation to the next, they have learned to close their hearts in order to survive a world too frightened to feel its own pain and love, too frightened to be truly live.

I kiss their hidden tears, over and over again, honoring the love waiting to break through.


Upcoming Events for my Novel. Please Share with the World!

(please join/share if you have connections to these places) 
        It all started 15-plus years ago with a crippling injury and a serendipitous encounter with a screenplay writer on an airplane and ended with a 298-page novel touted by well-renowned teacher and award-winning author Sandra Ingerman and New York Times Bestselling Author John Perkins as a magical and inspiring story to come home to.
        What began as a healing journey became the story of a young girl in Málaga, Spain, whose grandmother names her Duende, a word meaning goblin, nature spirit, or the spirit of the earth that “one must awaken in the remotest mansions of the blood.” Duende dances with Gypsies, follows a nature spirit below the sea, into the earth’s core, and has dreams that
transform her reality and that of Ingrid, a journalist who travels to her childhood home of Málaga to cover the story of supernatural vines. Ultimately, Ingrid’s return home reveals a truth that has been buried in the ground for millennia. Described by Sandra Ingerman as “a beautiful story that will take you into magical and mystical realms,” Child of Duende is a journey home.(see www.child ofduende.com  for more info. on novel).
        Child of Duende, which is now available on Amazon (print and Kindle), and bookstores worldwide (see info. below), was finally published on March 29, 2016. In mid-June, I was honored to share in a novel launch celebration with 40-plus people in Albuquerque (some of you!), followed by a successful book signing at Hastings. But there’s more to come, including a Washington State Book Tour, time sharing my novel in Santa Cruz at the Vox Mundi Retreat, and more book events and readings in New Mexico. Writing a novel is tremendous work, as is promoting and sharing it with all of you. So, if you can tell others about Child of Duende,upcoming events, or, you wish to sponsor events (maybe engage a local bookstore) or write an Amazon customer review, it will mean the world to me!
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*Upcoming New Mexico Events (July, August):
-July 28, 6:30 p.m. Reading/Signing at PAGE 1 BOOKS (Albuquerque, NM)
-Aug. 16, 6p.m. Reading/Signing at BookWorks (Albuquerque, NM )

*BOOKSTORES with Child of Duende:
Amazon (paperback/kindle);
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BookWorks (Rio Grande, Albuquerque);
Crystal Dove (Central, Albuquerque);
Blue Eagle Metaphysical Emporium (Juan Tabo, Albuquerque);
Collected Works (Santa Fe, NM). Available in 1 week)

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