2021: Come Together in Love

BLOG 97—(present reflections tied to May 2001 journal entries about my healing journey)—The crows flocked to the bare tree branches of winter, and then, within seconds, flew off to become black wings against the clear blue skies of New Mexico. They came as quickly as they left, together, in a rhythm that reminded me that yes, there is a divine order that is always present—even during the hardest times like those we’ve lived this past year of 2020.  

Today, it is Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year, and a time in which all of my worries, my trying to manifest, to make life happen, surrendered, into the cool air. There is a way, and it is here, in every moment and breath. All of the insecurities I felt earlier this month, all of the doubts, faded away, as I marveled at the magic that has always been with me and all of us.

I think back to 20 years ago, in the Spring of 2001, when I still struggled to walk, and was locked inside muscles that had learned to grip and distrust life and its gifts. Back then, I had written, “Life grows from the question, from a love for the mystery, not the answer. It grows from experience, not finality, science, concreteness of analysis. Loving something makes it whole.”

Soon we step into 2021, having completed a year in which each one of us has faced the deepest uncertainty about life we could ever have imagined. We have faced fears of becoming extremely sick, stuck, alone, limited, isolated, unworthy, lost. Some have lost so much, loved ones, jobs, security. But throughout it all, there’s a life that has continued to give of itself, and has stood here, still and magical, ready to unveil the mystery of a divine order.

This year, I sent 60-plus cards to loved ones, and in one instance, to a complete stranger. Each card, I painted, shared myself in, and invited a better 2021 for everyone. It felt so rich to do so this time, as if everything during these co-vid days has taken on more depth, more importance. Because maybe each one of us has tasted a bit more of how precious this life we have been given truly is.  

I sent one of my hand-painted cards to a complete stranger, as did many others just because one very heartfelt person had invited me and so many others to send cards to her friend with health issues. Another of my dearest friends told me today that she had almost cried upon receiving one of my cards—I had intuitively decided to send her a painted one that reminded her of a dream she had had and what she had gone through when she had contracted co-vid. Another friend echoed back to me that my card had been magical.

As I watched the crows flying today, I couldn’t help but think of the wonder of this universe…how each action has a reaction, each gift we give produces an echo that receives its beauty in return. Because, like I had written in 2001, “Life grows from the question…from the mystery… from the experience. Loving something makes it whole.”

Maybe this year of 2020, with all of its challenges, was necessary. Maybe it was crucial that we began to let go of the harsh grip we had placed on reality and ourselves, and we begin to trust in the divine order of the universe. Maybe it was time to stop controlling so much, and to finally listen to that deep presence that is the gift we give and receive in this grand place of life.

Here’s a painting I made for 2021. May we trust in this divine dance every day more!

As we prepare for 2021, I am in awe of how we are truly capable of creating a magnificent echo in the universe…each one of us in our small, but heartfelt ways. I am personally excited to bring my new children’s books into the world, and I trust that their gift will make this place a little bit better, as will all of our gifts.

I really believe we can do it, each one of us…sprinkle the world with our unique light and laughter…to make the world a better place. For, I feel that this past year, many of us have learned what it means to come together, to help one another, to love, to remember that this moment is all we’ve got.

So, together, with as much heart as we can muster, let’s make 2021 a year to remember! Let it be one marked by how we came together and chose love!

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7 thoughts on “2021: Come Together in Love

    • Mark, I so love how time passes, but then, after I write a little blog, you show up there, from the other side of the globe, echoing this journey. Thank you! How have you been? How has your physical, emotional, spiritual health and journey been? How is Australia faring with co-vid and all we are living? It seems like there were fires again recently there, no?

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      • It has been a lengthy journey with Covid-19 and it has changed us all. And to be honest I think the ‘looking a little deeper’ because of it has allowed us to let go many things and allowed us to seek something deeper, a little more meaning to our lives and I think that can only be a good thing. Yes, it is stressful but all change requires us to tread an unknown path.
        Me personally I have been asked to look very deeply, my health has tested me somewhat (my last 4 posts were of my journey through it), and it has been an eye opener to say the least. Those steps have given me a very, very big appreciation of what I have got…not what I don’t. And in that is a blessing indeed.
        A very big Merry Christmas to you Michelle, may it be filled with many blessings, love and family. And a change that allows your heart to sing 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋 🎅🏽 🌈 ⛄️

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    • Currently in the aftermath of something that has asked me to stop and really see what life is all about. As I have spoken before, we never truly see and appreciate happiness unless we experience and understand sadness as well. And when I faced death it truly gave me such a profound shock and incredible understanding of what ‘life’ really is. It is our foundation in ‘everything’ we touch, even down to those simple things like a walk, seeing a butterfly or even tripping over our feet. So much I took for granted but have now been Graced with something that words would belittle because I can barely speak because of where it has left me. I was confident and comfortable in who I was…but my ego had truly tucked me into a hole because spirit had passed so much onto me that I thought I had been truly ‘selected’ to share from this place. What a fool. But I do hope at the least, a more understanding one.
      As for my physical health, it is taking some time to ‘balance’ my body with the new medications. My inner being is asking me to heal from a much clearer place but in doing so asks me to ‘let go’ of that old world that I was made of. It takes great trust and love, and I find that it is not an easy journey after having your foundations to life upended. But that is what change is, a very loving ask of us to become something more by taking a step…or two ❤️
      Thank you for asking dear lady, your kindness shows that there is love in the world and that it is indeed in good hands 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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      • “I trust,” I wrote and painted recently, “in a divine order.” There’s a lot of learning to let go and dance with the universe and trust that we have our place, even if that place is just to shine a bit brighter every day and give love to that which passes our way. Thanks for sharing. I’d share my painting with you, but don’t see a place to do it here. Maybe I’ll just add it to my blog. lol. We’ll see. Do you work or are you retired? Curious what kind of lifestyle you juggle as you grow…as we all have different points in our lives.

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      • It is indeed that divine order Michelle, to grow as each step asks us to. And I have no doubt your ‘I trust’ will speak to those who do trust what it says to them, as those things we share will attract accordingly.
        I was for many years a Remedial Massage Therapist and was gifted with a ‘knowing’ that I shared in that context but as time went by I began to do spiritual counseling for those with broken hearts (relationship breakdowns, divorce, but mainly those fears we all hold within our journey and usually at times bring us to our knees), hence the creation of my blog to share what I had been shown by spirit and meet those that required help.
        Interestingly enough an old injury (crushed disks in my neck), put me out to pasture (a pension) which allowed the above to happen in its natural order. Many years ago, in the middle of a divorce and in a mess, I asked God what purpose could all this mess have in life, show me its truth. Beware what you ask for, it may be given…and it was. I was taken on a journey to ‘see’ my truth, and each step knocked me down so I could ‘see’ and ‘understand’ so that I was able to help others. In the beginning spirit said that it is like being given money for nothing, we will spend it will nilly with no appreciation…but If I had to work for that money, only then would I stop and consider somethings worth and give it the appreciation it deserves. So all that wisdom I was shown had to be ‘experienced’ in my journey so that I would understand it and give it that appreciation. As we all do on each of our paths. I am just a guide giving a sign post here and there and have found that , like your ‘I trust’ image, it will attract accordingly to speak where it will 🙂


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