September 11: The Soul Knows the Way

The Soul knows the Way. She always does. So Stop and Listen.

Today is 20 years after 9/11. It’s 20 years since the United States was paralyzed, even if for just a few moments, by terrorists that took down our greatest symbol or “reaching for the stars”. Terrorists terrorized and stopped us in our tracks in ways that we had terrorized so many countries as well.

This blog isn’t about politics though. Anyone who knows the history of imperialism understands what I’m referring to. This is a blog about the soul. Because no matter how fast we get, no matter how successful, or how well we reach for the stars–as the U.S. has done and we have done as individuals–there comes a point in which we need to stop and get humble. There comes a point when the soul wins, when life wins, and all the rest, no matter how good or amazing it looks, doesn’t matter.


So, I find it ironic, that today, on September 11, I find myself being called to slow down again. For me, my soul’s call comes through my body. I feel fatigued, exhausted, and my throat seizes up. I feel sick. I have no energy but to sit and be still. To rest.

When Covid-19 braced the world, we were all asked to stop once again, as was I. For some, it became a threat to our freedom–as was 9/11–but for others, like me, it was another call of the SOUL. Stop. Stop. When we don’t listen to that call, and we choose to just push through or fight back, that soul’s call comes back again and again. Unfortunately, the call gets stronger, it hurts more, as it did for me 20-plus years ago.

Today, 20 years after 9/11, that soul’s call has gotten much louder. We are facing global floods and fires and natural disasters are becoming more devastating each day. We can try to do the same: fight back, push through. Or, this time, we can get that it’s time for all of us, for our planet, to STOP and listen. It’s time be become humble enough to listen and do what is needed to bring balance to our lives and our planet before it is to late.

Stopping doesn’t mean not acting with beauty and love in the world or not doing our part in this life. It just means taking a minute or more to sit down in a way we haven’t in a while–maybe in our favorite comfortable chair we’ve ignored in your rush–and listen to the birds, be still inside, outside, and feel what is. I will end this blog with Pablo Neruda, the Chilean Poet, who said it better than I can in his poem entitled, “A Callarse” (“Keeping Still”):

Now we will count to twelve / and let’s keep quiet. / For once on earth / let’s not talk in any language; / let’s stop for one second, / and not move our arms so much. A moment like that would smell sweet, / no hurry, no engines, / all of us at the same time / in need of rest. Fishermen in the cold sea / would stop harming whales / and the gatherer of salt / would look at his hurt hands. Those who prepare green wars, / wars with gas, wars with fire, / victories with no survivors, / would put on clean clothes / and go for a walk with their brothers / out in the shade, doing nothing. Just don’t confuse what I want / with total inaction; / it’s life and life only; / I’m not talking about death. If we weren’t so single-minded / about keeping our lives moving / and could maybe do nothing for once / a huge silence might interrupt this sadness / of never understanding ourselves, / of threatening ourselves with death; / perhaps the earth could teach us; / everything would seem dead / and then be alive. Now I will count up to twelve / and you keep quiet / and I will go».

Thank you for reading. Blessings to all of you… 🙂

Michelle Adam

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7 thoughts on “September 11: The Soul Knows the Way

  1. Thank you Michelle, and well written. It is time to stop, rest a little and realise it is up to each of us to be in that place of silence and listen to our hearts. We know what it says but are just too busy, and busy isn’t where the love lays ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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  2. Nice to hear you too dear lady, it is good to catch up occasionally and hear your soul 😀
    As for me, I’m being tested…as we all are…and no, not the virus. My immune system has had a wobble and there isn’t anything doctors can do so Spirit and I have been ‘chatting’ about what life means as I become confronted with a possible ending. Many, many things suddenly have no meaning…and others do. And interestingly, after a lifetime of focusing on living, it is a strange thing to actually ‘let life go’…and in doing so it has become more profound. I think we teach ourselves to get in the way and ‘live it’ to learn that journey…so that we will understand it truly when this moment comes. Life does give an appreciation in more ways than one…even something simple like standing in the sunshine becomes something wonderful.
    I hope you too are well and your moments find that inner love as well…but maybe a little more gentler 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋


      • Why thank you kind lady, I feel much better after hearing that 😂 🤣
        Its a bit complicated but in basic terms I had an allergic reaction very badly to cortico steroids for my Emphysema (I’d been on it for a couple of years but got pneumonia and had to gradually come off it till suddenly bang) and because its job is to actually slow the adrenal gland hormone production down and stop my immune system attacking my lungs. The allergic reaction has sent the hormones crazy so it in effect is doing whacky things on every organ in the body just about. When I had every doctor just shake their head I knew I was on my own so Spirit and I had a little chat and it appears I’m going on an inward journey of self healing. It has been interesting as I heal something then throw something else out in the process, I think I have to be a little more focused but on everything instead. It is interesting when my heart is beating, or not, stomach all over the place, kidneys as well and even my sight goes from blurred to razor sharp but only in one part of the eye. Tinnitus, vertigo, no sense of smell or taste, arthritic pain in all joints that can reach a point where sitting or standing is something else. Sleep…did I mention only 3 to 4 hrs per night. Lol, sorry, by the time I had reached all this and the doctors just looked at me to see if I was smoking something or not I knew I was going on a little healing trip, not the narcotic one. Speaking of which I cannot take any medication or herbs as my body is always in a state of shock so to speak, a P.T.S.D. syndrome and will not tolerate anything. I can’t even take a simple headache tablet because the reaction is so bad. Even my food intake is basic salad with salad for desert, and a side salad if I’m peckish. Nearly all food in a shopping center is a no no as it almost always has preservatives in it, sulphur specifically which it is that bad that I’m violently ill. not from the stomach but my body is just ‘wrong’ type sick. That takes up to 4 or 5 hrs to get out of my body, drained for about the next same amount of time then just tired all the next day after the experience. Do you know how many companies lie about having no preservatives in their food 🤣
        Sorry Michelle, I started writing and I’ve never written this out before and it gets a bit long doesn’t it? Anyway, after my little chat with God when I was on the floor and thought I was gone it has changed a lot in the way that I approach things. Then Spirit gave me a chins up and said to take a step…then another. It is slowly working even though in my travels I sometimes get a bit over confident and take something and set myself back a month or two. But like all our journeys, it is the making of us. But I do thank you for your offer kind lady, love is a many splendored thing and of all the medicines in the world it is the most profoundly beautiful type of healing that one can give….thank you ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋


  3. Poignant sentiments, Mich. What’s ironic is that amid this need to slow down, stop and listen, we seem to be moving faster and faster. Toward what end, I do not know.

    I have been contemplating Neruda’s poem frequently in the past couple of years. His message is more prescient — or perhaps more correctly, timeless — than ever.

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