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Spanish Poet Federico Garcia Lorca once described duende as the spirit of the earth one must awaken in the remotest mansions of the blood. It is this spirit of duende, which I lived and experienced as a child in Spain, that wrestled its way back to the surface of my being and propelled me on a journey—a long and arduous journey home in the past twenty years. This blog tells this personal story behind my novel, Child of Duende, which was released late March of 2016.

In 1996, at age 27, I embarked on a journey west. I traveled in search of myself; in search of my spirit’s call; and unknowingly in search of duende and home. Restless, discontented with the East Coast and the world I had tried to live after my family and I had left Spain when I was 11, I joined two friends in a two-car journey to San Francisco. What awaited me was a far cry from anything I was prepared for. My angst followed me, broke me open, taught powerful lessons in healing, in spirit, and in who we truly are as humans.

Through my long journey, I wrote my magical and spirit-guided novel, Child of Duende, which will be released into the world in early spring (at the end of March). This blog is the story of my healing journey that is story behind my novel, Child of Duende. Step by step, in sharing excerpts from journals of the past twenty years (and my own reflections) I tell my healing journey in hopes that it may inspire others, provide healing, love, and companionship on this earth journey that we all share. I invite you to share your experiences, your healing journey, as I tell mine. May this blog offer a place for us, together, to return to our home within on Earth.


I am a writer, teacher, healer, and lover of the earth. I have written for magazines and newspapers for twenty years, including the Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education Magazine, The World of Hibernia magazine, and Vista magazine, and was a contributing author for The Irish Today, a coffee-table book that sold at major bookstores. I was raised in Spain, Switzerland, and the U.S. by Argentinean and American parents, and have taught Spanish to middle school students for the past ten years. In addition, I’ve worked as a photographer, produced short films, have studied and practiced indigenous and shamanic traditions for a dozen years, and have worked as a healer.

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